• Food packaging expert | The western functional material base | Stereoscopic technology enabler

    Food packaging expert | Functional manufacturing base in west china
    Promoter of the application of stereoscopic technology

    Food packaging expert
    The overall solution provider

    Set packaging design、Research and development、Production、Security in the integration of industry leading manufacturing enterprises,It happened
    The world's advanced automation equipment fleet;Wuliangye、Luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor)、
    Maotai、Mengniu、Coke, and other international and domestic well-known enterprises to provide the overall solution

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    PETAnd deep processing solution provider

    Science and technology innovation,Low carbon life;The international advanced dupont production line,The west is the largestPETPet bottle flakes production base

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    Three-dimensional technology enabler,
    A one-stop shop for the naked eye3DThe solution

    The naked eye3DIndustry standard for participants,Set design、
    Research and development、Production、Service in a body3DThe whole industrial chain manufacturers

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